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(EBOOK) The Disappearing House (THE CORNELIUS SAGA) Book 10

(EBOOK) The Disappearing House (THE CORNELIUS SAGA) Book 10

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"Too surprised for words!"

Their blood cried out from the ground.

Mira Cullen uncovers something that is bound to devastate her small town and perhaps, her family. Should she keep quiet about it or should the truth be told and the chips fall where they may?

A few hours later, they approached the sign: Welcome To Newport, and instantly, Mira had a sickening feeling. The anxiety she’d felt all along now shot up a thousand notches.


Mira and her daughter Rosie share an amazing gift some people may love to have and others quietly thank their lucky stars that they don't. Once you meet the Cullens, however, they become dear to your heart and you'd want to go on every adventure they will ever have.

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